Distinguished Scholar Details


圣安德鲁’s School 杰出的官方网站 demonstrate outstanding academic achievement by combining a superior GPA throughout a challenging middle school curriculum with highly competitive standardized test scores on the SSAT.


学术. 社区. 荣誉. 完整性. 尊重. These values are at the core of the 圣安德鲁’s School experience and are embodied by our 杰出的官方网站. 
  • 杰出的官方网站 are creative thinkers who can solve problems and adapt to new challenges in order to be successful in college and in life. 他们是全球思想. 
  • 杰出的官方网站 are involved in their community in a variety of programs that may include participation in the arts, 威尼斯, 社区服务, 俱乐部, 和学生政府. 
  • 杰出的官方网站 are honorable, respectful, and responsible. 他们 represent the School's commitment to fostering integrity and to teaching and promoting honor and trust within our community. 

Distinguished Scholar Award Details

  • Available to students applying to 圣安德鲁’s School for Grade 9 and to 圣安德鲁’s School rising Grade 9 students.
  • Award amounts vary, but can be up to and including full tuition. 
  • If the Candidate’s financial need exceeds the amount not covered by the scholarship, families may also apply for “need-based” financial aid. 
  • Distinguished Scholar awards are reviewed and renewed annually over four years; recipients are expected to maintain a positive record of behavior and performance.


For Students Applying for Grade 9
Candidates must complete our admission application process and 填写在线表格 by February 1, 2022, which includes:
  1. Our online application consisting of the Biographical Information, 父母声明, and Student Questionnaire with choice of Essay or Personal Project. Candidates may also apply through the SSAT Standard Online Application (SAO). 
  2. Candidates must take the SSAT in either October, 11月, 12月, 或1月, and indicate 圣安德鲁’s School as a score recipient.
  3. Official transcripts for grade 7 and for the first semester or trimester of grade 8 must be sent directly from the candidate’s school to the 圣安德鲁’s School 登录 Office.
  4. Three recommendations: electronic confidential teacher recommendations (current English teacher, 当前的数学老师, and Principal/Guidance Counselor) can be accessed through our online application and must be sent directly from the applicant's current school to the 登录 Office.
  5. Interview: an admission interview is an important part of the application and is required for all applicants. 登录 interviews are conducted in person (conditions permitting) or virtually via Zoom.

For Current 圣安德鲁’s Rising Grade 9 Students
  1. Candidates must take the SSAT in either October, 11月, 12月, 或1月, and indicate 圣安德鲁’s School as a score recipient.
  2. The 登录 Office will retrieve official transcripts for grade 7 and for the first semester of grade 8.
  3. 完成 在线表单 and write two to three paragraphs about one of the prompts found on the form. This must be submitted by February 1, 2022.


All Distinguished Scholar Award winners will be notified via email on March 1, 2022.


As an 独立的 school in the Episcopal tradition, 圣安德鲁's mission is to build a community of learners, to provide excellence in education, and to nurture each student in mind, body, 和精神.


一个非营利性的, 独立的, co-educational school for grades Pre-K - 12, 圣安德鲁's School is a private day and boarding school located in Boca Raton, educating the best students from across Palm Beach County, 佛罗里达, 美国, and throughout the world in the Episcopal tradition.
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