Day in the Life: Hope Grade 12

I drive my sister to school early, so that we can go to office hours with our teachers at 7:45 am. We show up about 15 minutes early to grab breakfast from Mariani Great Hall. Their muffins and bacon are the best! 早餐后, I head over to my math teacher's room to go over the homework that I wasn’t fully confident about. By the end of the session, I am much more confident.
A Period –IB 历史 HL Yr2
I arrive at my 历史 class and say hello to my teacher, Dr. Schipper. My friend, Kylee, is there and I talk to her until class starts. 历史 is one of my favorite classes because my teacher comes with really fun ways to learn already interesting information. Plus, this class is small - only 8 students. I feel like I really know my peers well because we have been together for 2 years.
C期- AP微积分
This is a tough class, but it’s so important and it feels all the better when I do well in it. From learning limits to discovering derivatives - there are so many new concepts that are so interesting. I am studying engineering in college and I know how important calculus is to develop the skills I need in that field. 
This period goes from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. I usually use this free period to do homework. 我的朋友们 have third lunch that starts at 12:45 pm, so I try to get most of my homework done before then. Occasionally, I leave campus to pick up lunch with some other friends. The mall is five minutes away so it’s really easy. It’s really helpful doing my homework during my free because it means I have less work to do after golf practice. Sometimes, I’m able to finish all my homework, which is exciting. 
When my friends are done with their E-period classes, we get lunch from Mariani Great Hall and sit outside of the Commons. My favorite lunch is Pita bread, gyro meat, and steak fries- it’s delicious. Honorable mention: spaghetti and meatballs. 
G Period – IB Global Politics SL 
The concepts we discuss in Global Politics are so interesting and so crucial to understanding. In this class, we discuss potential outcomes and solutions to global issues and political situations. We are working on our Personal Engagement Activity, a requirement to pass the class. We have to find a way to engage a political issue and write a 2000 word report.
Golf Practice – Daily Practice from 3:30 - sunset
Golf is one of the best parts of my day. 我的朋友们, including most of the 圣安德鲁’s girls golf team, practice at the same place so it’s always so fun. I start with range work-70% second shot practice and 30% longer shorts. Then, I move to putting practice. I usually spend an hour and a half on that. 我的朋友们 and I move to the course until it’s time to go.


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